Crozier partners with a range of organizations within the Art Services Industry.


AXA ArtProtect
All of Crozier’s east coast facilities are AXA ArtProtect approved warehouses. AXA uses the Global Risk Assessment Platform (GRASP) survey to assess the quality of commercial fine art storage facilities from a variety of perspectives, including physical security, fire protection, environmental controls, management oversight, inventory controls and contingency planning.

Crozier is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) providing safe handling of sensitive objects while maintaining the high level of security compliance required for airfreight.

Chubb Masterpiece Preferred Provider
Chubb provides clients with insurance for their collections through their Masterpiece coverage, and identifies service providers that they trust to care for their client’s collections.

ICEFAT is a global network of trusted partnerships. Founded in 1977, ICEFAT is the oldest, largest and most involved art logistics organization.

Trading Partners

AIG Private Client Group
Crozier is a trading partner with AIG’s Private Client Group. We offer their clients emergency response and remediation services when problems arise, and to create preventive solutions to avoid losses altogether.

Crozier is on Emergency Response standby for PURE’s members. We offer our timely services, storage and support to protect their member’s collections.


Alliance for Response
Established in 2004 in collaboration with Heritage Preservation, this national non-profit is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage. By connecting emergency responders with the cultural heritage community AFR strengthens mitigation and response capabilities of the art community.

American Alliance of Museums 
As the major accrediting body in the United States for museums, Crozier supports AAM’s efforts to promote the museum professions, especially that of collections managers and registrars.

Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists
As an international group of collections managers and registrars working for both public and private collections, Crozier supports ARCS’ mission to educate their membership on the profession’s best practices.

Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums
We support this regional museum association which represents, educates and serves our region’s museums large and small.