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Crozier Announces Seven New Community Engagement Initiatives and Partnerships in the Arts

Crozier is pleased to announce its support of 7 esteemed arts organizations through educational initiatives, pro-bono logistical services and event sponsorships. Crozier is proud to partner with The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, the Appraisers Association of America, the Art Dealers Association of America, the Bruce Museum, Free Arts NYC, Glassroots and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, signifying a redoubling of support for the community they serve.

“Art and design are at the core of our business, and since our foundation we have sought to make significant contributions within the cultural sphere,” says Crozier President Simon Hornby. “In the field of logistics, our involvement spans the art world, though we are often operating behind the scenes. As we grow as an organization, we wanted to take the opportunity to give back to our colleagues in the community, including neighbors of our expanding facilities. With these new partnerships, we are proud to deepen our engagement and to support these organizations in the vital work they do.”

Through these 7 new community engagement initiatives and partnerships, Crozier will directly support educational programs, non-profit organizations, professional associations and museums that champion the arts. Crozier is proud to support educational initiatives that foster a new generation of artists through a partnership with the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and connect with underserved youths in New York City and Newark through collaborations with Glassroots and Free Arts NYC. Through support for professional associations including the Appraisers Association of America and the Art Dealers Association of America, Crozier invests in its industry and peers to help promote best practices.  Finally, Crozier will offer logistical and transportation services in a pro-bono capacity to The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and provide financial support and event sponsorship to the Bruce Museum.

This move comes following Crozier’s acquisition of two new facilities, making the company the largest full-service art logistics firm in the industry. In 2016, Crozier added 250,000 square feet of art storage space with two new state-of-the-art storage facilities in Newark, New Jersey and New Castle, Delaware, followed by the purchase of Cirkers Williamsburg in early 2017, acquiring its customers and a 35,000 square foot art storage facility in Brooklyn, New York. Today, Crozier now controls approximately 750,000 square feet of state-of-the-art storage across eight facilities in six locations along the East Coast, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Southampton. This growth has been bolstered by the organization’s acquisition by Iron Mountain Incorporated in 2015, the global leader in storage and information management services.

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