Inventory report season is upon us

With the new year comes renewal of many insurance policies. For collections covered under scheduled policies – policies which require the insured to provide their broker a detailed list of works with recent valuations – this often means it is… Read more

The 10 rules of art handling

When we train art handlers we orient them into our world of planning, procedures and checklists. The very first list we expose them to in this training is below, communicating the key rules of art handling.
1. Expert art handlers… Read more

Which gloves are best for art?

Donning a pair of gloves, it’s the iconic art handler move. But not all gloves are created equal. What is more, the options have expanded to improve performance and widen choices for special cases. Here are a few of the… Read more

Emergency planning checklist

Here we are in the thick of hurricane season. If you have not yet considered how this might affect your collection, understand that when the actual need arises it is unlikely you will have enough time to adequately plan. Here… Read more