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Supporting Arts Education at Crozier

On May 15th, Crozier hosted a special event for Success Academy Cobble Hill, a Brooklyn Elementary school with an art program led by teacher Sarah Ellis Traci.

The young artists, from Kindergarten to 3rd grade level, were invited to use Crozier’s Viewing Galleries to present their work in a professional gallery setting. For the Success Academy exhibition, the white walls were transformed by the colorful student artwork, celebrating the artists’ creative achievements. As Sarah Ellis Traci said of her students, “By having the chance to show their work in a professional space like Crozier Fine Arts, they feel that their ideas are important and meaningful and feel empowered to continue to tell their stories.”

Traci describes the unique advantages of teaching art to elementary school students in New York City. On the ability to take students on relevant field trips she told us, “I am so lucky to teach in a place where we can learn about a work of art and then take a trip the next week and see it in person.” The students clearly enjoy taking part in the lively New York art scene, Traci added, “Our parent communities and neighborhoods are so rich with working artists that it creates so many opportunities to see the arts in action and envision themselves working in the field.”

Coming from a visual arts background herself, Sarah Ellis Traci appreciates the artistic process and enjoys watching her students learn about materials on their own: “Our artists do a lot of reflective materials exploration and are given a lot of opportunities to make discoveries about materials. Kids learn to visually interpret what they see in the work of others and make inferences and connections to their own lives.”

The artwork which was on display at Crozier was inspired by the methods and materials of many influential modern artists, such as Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Keith Haring. Traci also integrated elements of the city into her program, such as using the NYC Subway map as a starting point for Third graders to create their own map of a fantasy city or country.

The work overall ranged in both size and media, with the Picasso quote “Every child is an artist” constructed out of decorated cutouts serving as a cornerstone to the exhibition. The show was unmistakably the result of not only the talented young artists, but also the dedicated educators at Success Academy Cobble Hill.

Crozier’s Viewing Galleries are neutral spaces reserved for Crozier’s clients, serving as the perfect setting for private viewings, photography and other services that require dedicated, clean space.