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We launched the Crozier Sea Freight in partnership with Christie's in 2022 to reduce the impact of art transportation on the environment. GCC estimates that transporting artwork by air has, on average, sixty times more climate impact than moving it the same distance by sea.

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  • Bespoke refrigerated containers
  • Full container load (FCL) service
  • Climate-controlled containers
  • Container tracking

Consider saving carbon emissions by sending your art on a journey by sea.

Crozier’s proprietary sea freight shipping solution provides a less carbon intensive alternative to air freight. Ships run monthly between London and New York and bi-monthly between London and Hong Kong, with direct access to our shuttle routes on the ground.

As always, your art is safe in transit. We designed the Crozier shipping container solution to meet insurance industry recommendations for art shipment by sea. Our prototype, bespoke refrigerated containers allow for various interior ratchet and bracing options. A range of load-bearing flooring tiles eliminate damage caused by container movement and vibration. Finally, we handle, secure, and monitor your art throughout its journey.


Days between London and NY


Days between London and Hong Kong

“Sea freight has to be part of our industry's model for reducing our carbon impact.”
Simon Hornby SVP Europe & Asia

climate-controlled shipping container

- First, your art will be loaded onto a climate-controlled shipping container like this one, which has an e/track system that allows us to stack shipments vertically—allowing for more art to be shipped at once—and unloaded quickly and efficiently.

shipping container

- Depending on how far your Ships run monthly between London and New York and bi-monthly between London and Hong Kong.

Crozier handlers onboard and offload your art

- Crozier handlers onboard and offload your art, making sure nothing is damaged during the journey.

Shipping containers with tamper-proof seals

- Shipping containers are locked and sealed with tamper-proof seals before being sent to the port and you have the option to include trackers on each container or in each crate for maximum security.

- We pack art according to exacting standards and insurance industry recommendations. All art must be crated and elevated four inches from the floor, ideally on forklift runners—the standard for Crozier crates and cases for sea container shipments.

“Transporting artworks by air has on average 60 times the climate impact of moving the same distance by sea.”
Heath Lowndes Managing Director | Gallery Climate Coalition
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