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Pursuing solutions that are sustainable by design

Industry-wide change must be a collective effort


Renewable electricity company-wide by 2025


The year we're committed to achieving net-zero emissions


Of buildings are retro-fit, minimizing environmental impact


Tree Planted for every crate sold

Here are some of the specific initiatives we have launched or are working on to reduce our footprint.

Electrified fleet

Electrified fleet

Many of Crozier's European vehicles are fully electric. We are working to electrify our fleets globally.

Crate rental proram

Sustainable Crating Program

Crozier is developing sustainable crating options including recycling and more sustainable packing, crate take back, and the purchase of certified refurbished Crozier-built crates. We also provide crate rentals in Switzerland and are developing a rental program in the UK for traditional Crozier-built crates and RokBoxes to provide reusable crating options. Look for our sustainable crating options to grow in the near future. Talk to your Crozier representative for availability and options at your location.

Sustainable sourcing

Sustainable sourcing

Our sourced materials are environmentally friendly. We use water-based adhesives, lacquer, and paint and we source lumber from companies that practice sustainable forestry.

Sea freight shipping

Sea freight shipping

Crozier’s sea freight runs regularly between Europe, the US, and Asia, reducing carbon emissions by as much as 80% compared to air transport.

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We're making sustainability a company-wide effort

Our engineering team is working across every location to integrate sustainable methods into our operations.

Meet the Experts

Louisa Buck
If our sector is going to play its part in averting the climate and ecological crisis, then actions rather than gestures are needed.
Louisa Buck

Art Newspaper

Gallery Climate Coalition
By supporting clean energy and better transport and packaging initiatives at this crucial moment... they become more available and affordable for others.
Gallery Climate Coalition

Cutting Carbon Emissions
for Sustainability

Sea Freight Shipping

Thanks to our partnership with Christie's, we now offer art transport via ships that travel regularly between New York, London, and Hong Kong. Sea freight shipping results in an 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to air.

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