Hong Kong

Access to markets in China and East Asia, via regular sea freight shipping
routes, cutting art transport costs and emissions.

As members of the greater art world ecosystem, we are dedicated to serving art creators, collectors, and connoisseurs in China and East Asia.

China's art market is now the second largest in the world. Crozier’s newest location unlocks access to Seoul and Hong Kong, with regular shipping from New York and London.

The Crozier sea freight sails regularly between London and Hong Kong and the journey takes about 40 days. Get in touch to learn more about how we can meet you where you are.


China’s global share of the art market, second only to the U.S.


New auction houses and galleries have opened in China since 2020

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Sea Freight Transportation

The Crozier Sea Freight travels regularly between the US, Europe, and Asia, cutting down on emissions


Reduction in carbon emissions, compared to air


Trips each year between New York and London

“Not only is sea freight cost effective, but in the longer term, it has to be part of our industry's model for reducing our carbon impact.”

Simon Hornby SVP, General Manager Crozier Europe

Local Transportation

Secure, stress-free delivery within markets via our robust shuttle networks, whether your art is going up the street or out of state


Of Crozier trucks have DPF systems, which trap toxins from exhaust


Cities serviced each week across the globe

"I have had great experiences with coordinating shipping arrangements for complicated and large exhibitions. The Crozier managers have been very detail-oriented and responsive."

UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

Flexible, Managed Storage

Flexible storage options ideal for small works and valuables include a virtual tracking system, condition reports, and custom climate controls, and you only pay for what you use


Storage locations globally


Security at all storage locations

“Everything is temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and the alarm systems connect to both the fire department and the police, which is crucial when it comes to keeping insurance costs down.”

Todd Levin Art Advisor

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While we can offer almost anything, here are our core specialities within Storage.

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