Custom crates and packing solutions preserve art in storage and in transit.

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The Crozier Series Museum Crate meets the demands of traveling exhibitions for objects that require precise technical care, making it ideal for short- and long-term preservation

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“There is a reason that Crozier's Museum Crates, for decades, have been held up as the gold standard within the art services industry.”

Paige Armstrong Account Manager


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Mark Downes
“We have made it our mission to prioritize sustainable practices in our crating solutions, from more responsible sourcing to more responsible re-use.”
Mark Downes

Export Packing Manager & Fine Art Technician | UK

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“They were friendly and professional, they packed the work carefully and patiently.”
Duane Slick Artist
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"Crozier offers a full range of bespoke crating and packing options designed to keep artwork safe in any environment. Every Crozier product is custom-built by our team of expert technicians. They provide tailor-made solutions in accordance with industry best practices and make decisions based on decades of experience in preventive conservation and collection care. Our crating experts can help you determine the best possible solution to suit your needs and those of your collection. Each crate style is based on an industry-standard approach and can be fine-tuned with a balance of value for cost. Every detail serves a practical purpose in protecting your collection from external risks. A Crozier advisor can help you choose from our range of crating options. "

"The Transit Crate is designed for strength using minimal construction materials. This type of plywood crate is durable enough to last through multiple uses and is good for flatwork and small- to medium-sized objects. The Classic Storage Crate features additional structural elements beyond those included in the Transit Crate, including interlocking wall and corner battens. This crate is well suited for collection items that will travel by truck or air, or for storage in a climate-controlled facility. Crozier builds its storage crates to protect your art from any abuse it might face while in transit. Both Transit and Storage crate styles are competitively priced, appropriate for shipping via air freight or shuttle, and are designed to last for many years of travel. The Crozier Series Museum Crate is best for objects requiring precise technical care. This crate features the highest level of craftsmanship and protective measures and meets the demands of traveling exhibitions. Its shell includes heavy-duty hardware and airtight seals, making it ideal for long and short-term use and international shipping or storage. "

Each of our crates are made from certified sustainably sourced wood and we plant a tree for each crate we make. Crozier's crating experts are always looking for new and more sustainable materials and construction methods. Whenever possible, we use recycled and recyclable packing materials and have a program for recycling scraps and used foam packing materials. Look for more sustainable options in the near future!

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