State-of-the-art storage facilities keep artworks safe in climate-controlled environments.

Sole-use warehouses, rigorous inventory management, and 24-hour security means the art you store in Crozier’s global facilities is easily accessible to you–and only to you.

At the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, a rare collection of painted backdrops has been added to the permanent collection. Through a partnership with Crozier Fine Arts, a custom storage solution is being designed to preserve the craft and artistry of these artifacts for generations to come. Watch the Full Video


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Flexible storage options ideal for small works and valuables include a virtual tracking system, condition reports, and custom climate controls, and you only pay for what you use


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“Everything is temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and the alarm systems connect to both the fire department and the police, which is crucial when it comes to keeping insurance costs down.”

Todd Levin Art Advisor


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“Our state-of-the-art Hargrove warehouse is a game changer for the DC metro area and raises the bar for storage and security facilities.”
Apolinar Concepcion Jr.

General Manager | Washington DC

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“Our five UK locations offer flexible storage options for any type of collection—from million-years-old fossils to Picasso ceramics.”
Lucas Rols

Account Manager

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"By providing us with secure storage for our exhibitions, Crozier supports contemporary artists.”
Stefanie Hessler Swiss Institute
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Temperature fluctuations and humidity are hard on art. We know this from experience! During World War II, art had to be evacuated from London to nearby caves—in the cool, dry environment of the caves, the art deteriorated far less. Museums and art storage warehouses replicated those climatic conditions of 70°F and 50% relative humidity. This has dramatically reduced the deterioration of many cultural treasures. However, not every artwork needs to be kept in this environment. Ask your Crozier art storage expert to help you find the type of storage best suited to preserve your art.

"Crozier's number one priority is the safety and integrity of art. Collections require special care and our specialists are guided by 40 years of experience in providing just that. We work with you to oversee every detail of your collection’s management, providing comprehensive inventory management, loan agreement coordination, insurance scheduling, appraisal management, Emergency Response Services and Planning, and photography services. With a collections specialist, you have access to a wide array of professional support; we think of everything, so you don't have to."

Most Crozier storage facilties offer private storage rooms that can be customized for your storage purposes and can include desks, work tables, and other arrangements to let you work with your art. Most facilities allow private room tenants free access to their rooms during business hours. Talk to your Crozier art storage expert for more information.

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