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Our art logistics solutions evolve alongside your needs

Explore the options or let us know how we can customize a solution that suits your vision.

Featured Solutions

Viewing Rooms

Crozier technicians tailor each presentation to the specific work on display, working toward the moments that make art pop


Viewing rooms globally

"The team is always friendly, reliable, and they have the knowledge to solve tricky problems."

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Flexible, Managed Storage

Flexible storage options ideal for small works and valuables include a virtual tracking system, condition reports, and custom climate controls, and you only pay for what you use


Storage locations globally


Security at all storage locations

“Everything is temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and the alarm systems connect to both the fire department and the police, which is crucial when it comes to keeping insurance costs down.”

Todd Levin Art Advisor

High-Fidelity 3D Replications

Our partnership with Arius Technology allows us to use an artwork’s Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) to create detail-rich replications, making it easier to share art from afar


Data points go into producing a 3D replication of a typical painting

“The Arius scan is a fantastic bit of technology. It allows us to take a very high-res data file of an artwork using a state-of-the-art laser.”

Graham Bence General Manager | London

Installation and Handling

Crozier technicians craft meticulous installation plans and offer guidance on how to best showcase collections of all sizes


Installation projects per year


Years of experience informs expert art handler training

“Originally founded by the art community, like our fair, as it has grown, Crozier has remained true to putting art at the center of everything.”

Elizabeth Dee Independent Art Fair

Local Transportation

Secure, stress-free delivery within markets via our robust shuttle networks, whether your art is going up the street or out of state


Of Crozier trucks have DPF systems, which trap toxins from exhaust


Cities serviced each week across the globe

"I have had great experiences with coordinating shipping arrangements for complicated and large exhibitions. The Crozier managers have been very detail-oriented and responsive."

UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

Museum Crating

The Crozier Series Museum Crate meets the demands of traveling exhibitions for objects that require precise technical care, making it ideal for short- and long-term preservation

1 tree

planted for every crate purchased

“There is a reason that Crozier's Museum Crates, for decades, have been held up as the gold standard within the art services industry.”

Paige Armstrong Account Manager

On-Site Art Fair Services

We provide pre- and post-fair services for all the major global art fairs, including shipping, customs, packing, storage, installation, and on-site support


Years of shipping art for Art Basel


Of dealer sales came from art fairs in 2021—Art Market Basel USB’s Art Market Report

“We are proud to partner with Crozier as the lead shipping and logistics partner of Design Miami’s flagship fairs globally. Crozier is a truly innovative leader... offering our valued galleries and designers more eco-friendly and cost-effective logistics solutions.”

Design Miami

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When it comes to art, we're up for any challenge

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Our Clients
"By providing us with secure storage for our exhibitions, Crozier supports contemporary artists.” “Perfect, highly professional service, everything handled with extreme care.” “They were friendly and professional, they packed the work carefully and patiently.”
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We are committed to a greener future

Crozier is spearheading initiatives to reduce our footprint and influence industry-wide change.

We deliver local expertise, globally

HQs in London, LA, NY, and Hong Kong. —team members worldwide

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"Crozier offers a full range of bespoke crating and packing options designed to keep artwork safe in any environment. Every Crozier product is custom-built by our team of expert technicians. They provide tailor-made solutions in accordance with industry best practices and make decisions based on decades of experience in preventive conservation and collection care. Our crating experts can help you determine the best possible solution to suit your needs and those of your collection. Each crate style is based on an industry-standard approach and can be fine-tuned with a balance of value for cost. Every detail serves a practical purpose in protecting your collection from external risks. A Crozier advisor can help you choose from our range of crating options. "

You can find Crozier team members at major art fairs supporting buyers and exhibitors. We can handle art transportation, temporary storage, customs documentation, set up, and tear down. We offer an array of shipping options from sustainable and affordable road and sea transport to air freight. Our collection and project managers can also help plan your shipments in advance, keeping your budgetary requirements in mind, as well as environmental impact. Speak with a Crozier art shipping expert for details.

Temperature fluctuations and humidity are hard on art. We know this from experience! During World War II, art had to be evacuated from London to nearby caves—in the cool, dry environment of the caves, the art deteriorated far less. Musuems and art storage warehouses replicated those climatic conditions of 70°F and 50% relative humidity. This has dramatically reduced the deterioration of many cultural treasures. However, not every artwork needs to be kept in this environment. Ask your Crozier art storage expert to help you find the type of storage best suited to preserve your art.

"Crozier's number one priority is the safety and integrity of art. Collections require special care and our specialists are guided by 40 years of experience in providing just that. We work with you to oversee every detail of your collection’s management, providing comprehensive inventory management, loan agreement coordination, insurance scheduling, appraisal management, Emergency Response Services and Planning, and photography services. With a collections specialist, you have access to a wide array of professional support; we think of everything, so you don't have to."

"Crozier partnered with Christie's to minimize the environmental impact of art shipping. By choosing to ship artwork via sea containers versus air freight, we can reduce carbon emissions by 80% and reduce shipping costs. Crozier's door-to-door exclusive artwork custodianship means we are the only organization that handles, secures, and monitors your art throughout its journey. Our prototype, bespoke, art-centric refrigerated containers allow for various interior ratchet and bracing options. A range of load-bearing flooring tiles eliminate damage caused by container movement and vibration. Crozier's array of recyclable, reusable crating and casing options means you get to choose your packing option and can be confident that your property is secure. Finally, this service ties into our North American and European shuttle services, enhancing our ability to get your art where it needs to go safely and sustainably."

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