The global leader in fine art storage, services and logistics

Crozier is at the forefront of the art logistics industry and an advocate for international standards. With a strategic network that encompasses over 1.3 million square feet of dedicated storage space across North America and Europe, Crozier is singularly equipped to protect specialized collections all around the world.

Crozier is part of the Adjacent Businesses segment of Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), the global leader in data storage and information management services. The infrastructure of Iron Mountain uniquely positions Crozier to handle diverse and non-traditional collections. Restoration, digitization, media migration, and bespoke archival solutions are just some of the many distinct services Crozier’s affiliation with Iron Mountain affords.

As the most comprehensive and experienced art logistics organization in North America, and with an increasing presence in Europe and the UK, Crozier guarantees that the ever-changing needs of artists, private collectors, galleries, museums and institutions are met with precision and care.

A Note on our Logo

Building on the proud legacy of our shared histories, the Crozier logo forges a fresh identity that represents our evolution. The four-cornered form, often used to demarcate physical space, draws upon referential imagery from our industry while signifying Crozier’s scope and vision. The manifold characteristics of this symbol speak to the core of who we are as company.