Education & Training

One of the keys to Crozier’s success is our world-class team of art handlers. Throughout our forty-year history, Crozier has played a pivotal role in the evolution of art handling as a profession. In 2008, Crozier developed an art handler training program in response to the great variability in conditions among works of art and their constant circulation. While the program was designed specifically to prepare our art handlers for the challenges they meet in the field, all staff are invited to participate in the program to assure consistency across our organization. In addition, we offer our courses to students and allied professionals in a variety of classroom settings. Crozier has since become an advocate for industry standards concerning art storage and handling, and our reputed art handler training program has helped form preparators who are critical to the livelihood of arts organizations far and wide, from small community non-profit art spaces to major cultural institutions and commercial galleries. Today, Crozier continues to spearhead the development of new solutions for clients and to advocate for industry-wide best practices and standards to preserve and protect art and artifacts.

Crozier is a proud partner of the Diversity Apprenticeship Program (DAP), an initiative created by The Broad in Los Angeles. The DAP strives for diversity and equity within museums by providing 16 nine-month, full-time, paid apprenticeships in art preparation and art handling to people in groups that are traditionally underrepresented on museum staffs. The program is made possible by funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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