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Displays Fine Art Services now a part of Crozier

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Displays Fine Art Services joins Crozier

We are thrilled to announce that Displays Fine Art Services - founded in 1995 - is now a part of Crozier, enhancing our ability to serve the global art community. This partnership unites Displays Fine Art Services’ trusted team of expert art handlers with Crozier's global infrastructure, reinforcing our commitment to connecting the world through art and culture.

A blend of precision with worldwide accessibility

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved at Displays and the phenomenal work our teams do daily. Crozier stood out as the right partner for the next phase of our journey. The passionate commitment of both Displays and Crozier to the world’s most valued objects and cultural history make this acquisition a natural match. .” - said Ann Samler, former President of Displays Fine Arts. Ann will join Crozier as the Senior General Manager of NA West Operations and overseeing Transportation across the National Network.

This latest expansion marks Crozier’s first entry into Texas, an important region for the art world due to its thriving art scene and connectivity with the East and West Coasts. The addition of Displays Fine Arts provides Crozier with some of the most respected capabilities for the meticulous handling of art and cultural artifacts in the region. The merging of Displays’ extensive suite of art transportation capabilities enhances Crozier’s ability to offer the most seamless, end-to-end transportation service throughout the United States. The Dallas facility also provides over 75,000 square feet of secure storage space designed to protect and preserve fine art and sensitive objects.

As we step forward together, Displays Fine Art Services and Crozier remain committed to excellence in art handling. We look forward to bringing you unparalleled service, powered by our expanded capabilities.

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