Crozier Fine Arts and Arius Technology Launch Commercial, Conservation-Quality 3D  Scanning Platform for the Art World  

Arius Technology Inc., a world-leading art technology company, has partnered with Crozier to provide clients with ultra-high-resolution imaging previously unavailable to the commercial art world. The core of the technology, known as the Art Digital Master File (ADMF™) platform, will transform analytics, documentation, and visualization of art, bringing art collectors into the digital age of art preservation and stewardship.

As online art sales continue to rise steadily, and online viewing rooms are now a feature of the art world, Arius’ visualization suite will offer an immersive experience where visitors can calibrate and adjust lighting, viewing angle, perspective and shadow effects.

Collectors, as custodians of culturally significant works, will appreciate the role the ADMF™ data can play in digitally preserving paintings, ensuring they maintain their rightful place in history and enabling the best possible conservation for the future. Collectors who have gone through the hard work of establishing provenance, will understand that linking the ADMF™ data to traditional documentation will bring confidence and simplicity to future transactions. Also, collectors that wish to store or donate important works can continue to enjoy an emotional connection through a high-fidelity replication, knowing the replication comes directly from the original.

Arius technology is currently installed at Crozier facilities in London and New York, with future installations planned for Switzerland and Los Angeles.

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