Museum crating

The Crozier Series Museum Crate represents our highest-level of craftsmanship and protective measures. The best choice for traveling exhibitions and objects that require precise technical care and temperatures.


  • Heavy-duty bolt closures
  • Marine-grade plywood
  • Waterproof resin coating
  • Primary and secondary cushioning

We designed the Crozier Series Museum Crate to meet the needs of traveling exhibitions and objects that require precise technical care.

The crate is constructed with 1/2-inch medium-density overlay (MDO), a marine-grade plywood, laminated on both faces with a waterproof fiber resin. The construction is further reinforced with staggered layers of solid wood. It includes heavy-duty bolt closures to allow unlimited opening and closing with minimal wear to the hardware or lid. We can seal the crate’s exterior with the paint color of your choice or with clear water-based lacquer and a neoprene lid gasket.

  • Shell: 1/2” MDO plywood walls with 3/4” pine HT battens
  • Hardware: Bolt plate fasteners on lid
  • Handling Features: 3/4” pine HT handles, 2x4 HT skids, rounded edges
  • Exterior protection: paint or clear lacquer
  • Neoprene lid gasket markings: ISPM-15 Stamp
  • Stencils: Fragile, Keep Dry, up arrows, lid register, HWD & weight
  • Primary cushioning: 2” ester foam pads; top pads optional, solid 4” bottom
  • Insulation/secondary cushioning: 2” ester foam (charcoal-gray polyester urethane ester)

Crozier meticulously designs and engineers our crates to ensure maximum protection and handling in storage and in transit. We use specialized hardware and archival materials to protect against the effects of shock and climate and to enable secure unpacking. For more crating options, return to the crating page [hyperlink to storage page] or get in touch with a Crozier expert.

Our Expert
“There is a reason that Crozier's Museum Crates, for decades, have been held up as the gold standard within the art services industry.”
Paige Armstrong Account Manager


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