Custom crating

Master craftspeople build custom crates for objects with precise needs and/or specific packing and unpacking requirements—fragile glass sculptures or oversized wooden panels, for example.


  • Bespoke solutions
  • Built in-house
  • On-site assembly/disassembly
  • Great for archival materials

When designing a custom crate to transport or store artwork, Crozier's technicians consider a number of factors...

including whether the art work needs to fit in a specific type of vehicle, whether the crate will need to be constructed on site, and who will be handling the work inside the crate.

Crozier meticulously designs and engineers our crates to ensure maximum protection and handling in storage and in transit. We use specialized hardware and archival materials to protect against the effects of shock and climate and to enable secure unpacking. We also offer sustainable crating solutions. For more crating options, return to the crating page, or get in touch with a Crozier expert.


Customizable crating elements & features


Crates built in a year in our shops

Meet the Expert
"We have five different crate shops in the US that allow us to meet the exacting specifications of our clients with an eye toward both their budget and schedule."
Brian Dupont Crating Manager | NY & the Northeast


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