Sustainable crating

Working toward sustainability and being transparent about our impact is an integral part of Crozier's art solutions. In addition to using responsibly sourced lumber for our crates, we offer clients a discount on second-hand crates through our Refit Crate Program, and we recycle packing materials.


  • Second-hand crates available
  • Sealed Air Recycling Program
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • One Tree Planted

We're paying close attention to where our materials come from and where they end up.

The lumber used to make Crozier's crates comes from companies that practice sustainable forestry.To encourage environmental re-use, clients receive a discount on second-hand crates through our Refit Crate Program. We recycle packing materials including PE foam scrap, LDPE plastic, and PE microfoam at crate shop facilities through our Sealed Air Recycling Program. We also source environmentally friendly materials including waterbased adhesives, lacquer, and paint, and we cushion curves to optimize loads.

We're also proud to partner with One Tree Planted, which means for every crate purchased through Crozier, a tree is planted somewhere in the world.


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