Condition reporting

There's no avoiding it—art ages. Keeping an accurate record of the condition of your art is crucial to taking care of it properly. We use Articheck's secure reporting tools to keep you up to date.


  • Paper-free
  • Centralized system
  • Available on IOS app and online
  • Report archival & sharing options

Keep a paper trail for your art, without all the paper.

Crozier's technicians use Articheck's secure reporting tools to provide high-quality, detailed condition reports that appraisers use to assess the value of your art over time. All condition reports are available in one place, easy to manage, and can be as detailed or as succinct as needed.


High-net worth collectors who value a return on investment—Independent & Crozier NY Art Market Report


Condition reports conducted in 2022

The Experts
"I wanted to improve condition reporting... make it more efficient, effective, and secure; create an international industry standard...Crozier is a leading light in driving this standard." "Our custom condition reporting solution fills the industry's gap between Waybill condition notes and a conservator's report. We pride ourselves on acting as the trusted and objective eyes for our clients when they cannot be where their art is."


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